JSA Investment Club is the student organisation for investment and finance at Jönköping University (JU). We provide lectures, seminars, and other events for the students at JU. We also arrange two finance trips each year, one to London and one to Stockholm. On these trips we have visisted some of the most prestigious financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Berenberg and UBS, along with other interesting companies within the industry.


Among the most notable events we do, is the GCMS course with Wayne Walker, which gives students the chance to obtain a recognised diploma of trading and market skills. This is held two times a year, and we provide both the basic and advance diploma. Among other things, you learn technical analysis, options and forex markets, trading etc.

Our members are also given access to a trading room at campus which hosts advanced trading software and analytical resources to help our members improve and utilize their investing skills to the fullest. The trading room and our events also serve as a meeting place for like-minded people which gives our members the unique chance to mingle and build a useful and rewarding network.


Furthermore we also provide a JIC alumni network to help members connect with each other and with previous members who have entered into professional carreers. This is very useful to get access to unique carreer opportunities and learn more about the financial industry.

We are here to foster financial knowledge among JU's students and aim to provide the best possible support to the students and our members to help them both with their professional careers as well as their personal savings and investments.

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